Welcome to our Container nursery

Our primary container assortment consists of the production of evergreen hedge plants center suchs as Thuja’s , Prunus laurocerasus and Taxus in container. All in a range of 2 liters to 90 liter .

client pic Niek Raijmakers

Re-use of rainwater

We contribute to the environment by capturing and reusing rain water. On our 7 hectares large container field all water is  collected in a 5000 m3 water basin.

Evergreen hedgeplants in container

Our own high quality assortment of hedge plants with rootball is also available in container. In the early months of the year we prepare a part of our rootball hedgeplants in container in sizes until 250 cm, this way our hedge plants are available to you from the end of may.

Standard Thuja assortment.

We can supply a complete and full range of potgrown Thuja occ. ‘Smaragd’ and Thuja occ. ‘Brabant’ all year round.

Sizes and loading volumes are:

  • Thuja occidentalis Brabant/Smaragd C2 50-60 cm loading volume 3X30 = 90 pieces per cc
  • Thuja occidentalis Brabant/Smaragd C3 60-80 cm loading volume 3x21 = 63 pieces per cc
  • Thuja occidentalis Brabant/Smaragd C5 80-100 cm loading volume 3X17 = 51 pieces per cc

Ornamental shrubs in container

During all seasons we can offer you a well balanced and varied assortment of ornamental shrubs, every season our range of ornamental shrubs includes a lot of novelties and is characterized by relative small numbers in larger container sizes from C7,5 to C15 liters. Fixed sorts such as Hydrangea pan. ‘Limelight’ or Photinia in different sizes are intersperced with Photinia opulif. ‘Little Devil’ and other novelties.

Visual plants rotate during the season between our container nursery and our Cash and Carry.