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On our 1 ha. Cash and Carry you will find an organized and extensive range of garden plants.

 The quality of the stock is guaranteed by a daily fresh supply of garden plants from our own nurseries combined with a selection of high quality growers throughout the Netherlands and Germany. Our Cash and Carry has no minimum order requirements so you can purchase the number of plants you need. During the season we have extended opening hours.

Cash & Carry

On our Cash & Carry you can find the complete range of garden plants in container and with rootball like hedgeplants, ornamental shrubs, conifers, woodlandplants and perennials.
You take your order right away from the Cash & Carry or have your order delivered at your company. Our staff will gladly inform you about the extensive possibilities for order picking and transportation of your Cash & Carry purchases. If you can not find the plant you want on our Cash & Carry or if the stocks are not sufficient our staff will be happy to assist you with your request. You can always contact us to aquire a complete stocklist of our Cash & Carry .

Leuveld Nurseries always delivers good quality and excellent service.

client pic Harald Voerman
Cash & Carry

Your order ready on arrival!!

Besides the high quality of garden plants Leuveld Nurseries is also known for it’s hospitality.
Our sales staff have a great knowleadge of garden plants and they are working with a wide network of nurseries.
No time to select the plants yourselve ?
We will gladly pick and prepare your order on our Cash & Carry when send your order by fax, email or telephone.