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Rootball Nursery

On 100 hectares of the best loamy sandy soils of Twente we grow an assortment of evergreen hedge plants. All plants are charactarized by their robust quality and well-developed root system. Our well trained staff uproots a wide range of evergreen hedgeplants every day.

Container Nursery

Located in Denekamp we have a modern 7 hectare container field with a fully water recycling system. At our containerfield we mainly grow evergreen hedgeplants in a range of sizes from 40 cm up to 250 cm, large ornamental shrubs in container and novelties.
All plants are grown in high quality.

Trade & Services 

We can assist you with obtaining the complete range of garden plants, our professional sales team is ready for all your orders and inquiries throughout the year. We can prepare your order to be picked up at our nursery but we also have the possibility to arrange transport and we are happy to advice you in making a well balanced assortment in sort and size.

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